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Born in Chariton,Iowa on April 16, 1982 at Lucas County Memorial Hospital.  7lbs 6 oz.  Proud parents:  Ed and Terri Cooper  Proud Grandparents:  AJ and Betty Cooper & Patty Pottorff.  Grandma Pat was the OB nurse that took care of Jason.  Proud Uncle:  Lonny Snook


Jason moved to Des Moines, Iowa when he was 2 years old.  Where he would continue to live out his life.  He loved to ride his big-wheel and could tell you about his adventures he had been on, like riding with an Indian Warrior on horseback and also swimming thru the lake with a big fish.  His imagination was always full of suprises.


Jason begins kindergarton at Studebaker Elementary.  His little sister joins him in his journey in life.  Jena, born February 24.   Jason really begins to show his ability to draw.  During his first teacher conference, his teacher tells me that his artwork is outstanding for his age and that he also has a huge imagination.  Jason comes down with chicken poxs at Easter.  He is unable to attend the Easter Hat Parade at school that he worked so hard on making his hat.


Jason begins Pee Wee baseball.  He still loves to ride his bike and build with legos.  All three, would continue throughout his life.


Jason's little brother and best friend joins his journey.  Mick, born April 28.  Jason tells me he can't wait to play baseball with his little brother.


Jason wins the Art Scholarship in 5th grade sponsored by the Des Moines Art Center.  He attends classes during the summer.  His favorite medium: pencil


Jason begins middle school at McCombs.  He enters a contest at school to design a building from a kit provided by Weitz Construction.  Jason wins the category of:  "Building that would make the most destinctive addition to the skyline".  By 7th grade, Jason is setting records at school in track & field, particularly the long jump.  I believe that record may still be there. Jason also begins his love for roller skating.  His favorite hangout:  Skate South.  Jason becomes a local favorite with his dance moves on wheels.


Jason and Mick begin lessons at the local YMCA in Tae Kwon Do.  Jason moves on to compete in tournaments and advances thru many belts.


Jason begins high school at Lincoln High.  A couple years later Jason is driving around town in his turquoise-colored Nissan.  Just the beginning for his love of fast moving vehicles.   


Jason holds down various job:  Newspaper route; DJ at Skate South, Mascot:  Roller Roo at Skate South for birthday parties.  Package handler at the airport for UPS,  Adventureland.  Jason continues to be a favorite at the skating rink.  He joins the Speed Skating team and competes in races.  He also joins a roller hockey team. 


Jason and his friends come out of the bowling alley and sees a woman being beat up by a man in the parking lot of the bar next door.  Jason and his friends approach the man to make him stop.  The man has a gun and they start to walk away, when the man runs up on Jason and punches him in the jaw with brass knuckles.  Jason's jaw was broken in three places.  During surgery a metal plate was put in the front to hold the two pieces together and his mouth was wired shut for 6 weeks.  Jason would eat thru a straw with food that we pureed in a blender.


Jason graduates from Lincoln High.  Class of 2000!!!!


Jason and his buddy Jason Sanders joins the Army.  Jason is sent to Fort Knox, Kentucky for basic training and is asked to train new recruits hand to hand combat due to his martial arts training.  Jason graduates from basic training May 13, 2003.


Jason is called up for active duty in December with the 308th Quartermaster of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.  His unit leaves for Iraq on February 24, 2004.  They moved into Baghdad, Iraq in March at Log Base Seitz which will be home for one year.


Jason is responsible for fuel and water for troops in Iraq. They earn the 1st Calvary patch by working with the calvary. His unit suffers the loss of six soldiers in the year they are deployed.  This war will prove to take it's toll on him also.


July 2004 Jason comes home for two weeks R & R.  Jena, Mick, Mom and Jason all go to Six Flags, Chicago for a little fun. Once returning back to Iraq, Jason is caught in a mortar attack and an explosion hits his flak jacket leaving 37 pieces of shrapnel.  His not injured physically, but emotionally he is drained. 


Jason comes home from Iraq March 6, 2005.  Shortly after coming home he started suffering from flashbacks and nightmares.  He was unable to sleep but tried to stay focused on his job framing houses and to never be caught alone.  He took his little brother everywhere with him.


Jason's nephew Jacari was born April 26.  Such a proud Uncle!  Jason shows him off to his friends.


Jason struggled with PTSD after coming home from the war and he ended his life on July 14, 2005 at the age of 23.  The saddest day of our lives.

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